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Hiragana is one of the character systems(the others are katakana and kanji) in Japanese. There are 46 characters in hiragana, but there are also symbols that can be applied to them that change their sounds. These symbols are dakuten and handakuten. Dakuten are the two lines, such as in "が" and handakuten is the circle, such as in "ぱ", in some of the characters. The characters that have dakuten are "ka, sa, ta, and ha" and for handakuten, it is only "ha" that can have it.

Hiragana is commonly used in Japanese and is crucial to know. Some of them are used in particles, such as "ha, ga, and ni". They are also used to represent how a kanji(another writing system in Japanese) is pronounced. For example, 字 is "じ" in hiragana and "ji" in romaji. However, there may be many pronunciations for one kanji.

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